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Solutions at the Speed of Innovation

Use Next-Generation Data Analytics to Get a 360-Degree View of everything that matters.

Let Us Demonstrate how our Team of Experts can Assist in Nearly all Aspects of Care

Many patient outcomes could and would be improved tremendously if only providers were providing accurate results, using the correct billing methods, and returning results as soon as possible in a way that patients can understand.


These are each situations that we at Data-Driven Healthcare specialize in.

Fully Customized Products and Services

In healthcare, One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All, and we understand that. We aim to provide personalized  services that fit our clients' needs.

Increased Accuracy, Revenue, and Efficiency

Through years of studying and gaining experience related to Medical Billing and Coding, our team of experts have a demonstrated history of improving all aspects of the Revenue Cycle.

Intelligent Products are in our DNA

We specialize in carefully building products that have an impact on clinical outcomes. Utilizing next generation technology allows for us to always offer the latest and greatest to our clients an their patients.

Full Data Transparency

We believe that any data that is received from a client is not ours to keep. We will always provide as possible in a compliant and secure format.

Modern Solutions, Modern Customer Service

We have carefully crafted a Customer Service experience that we are proud of. We believe our clients deserve the best in class.



A few of the most recent products and services we have developed are related to DNA Sequencing. Next Generation Sequencing (or NGS) has had a massive impact on clinical outcomes, and we believe that trend will continue deep into the future.

Here's a short history lesson about NGS

The Human Genome Project (HGP), as the primary sequencing of the human genome, lasted more than one decade to be completed using the traditional Sanger's method. At present, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology can provide the genome sequence data in hours. NGS has also decreased the expense of sequencing; therefore, nowadays it is possible to carry out both whole-genome (WGS) and whole-exome sequencing (WES) for the variations detection in patients with rare genetic diseases as well as complex disorders such as common cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Finding new variants may contribute to establishing a risk profile for the pathology process of diseases.

We Take Pride in Our Products and Services


Our Mission Statement

To all of us at DDHC - the patient ALWAYS comes first. We build every product or service we offer around that sentiment. Striving to champion industry leading accuracy, security, efficiency, and accessibility - we believe we will improve the level of care patients receive, one client at a time.

Billing Department Management

Billing and Coding Accuracy Audits

Revenue Cycle Management

Next Generation Sequencing

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